“The Big Foolini provided us with a thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable experience which I will enthusiastically recommend to all my friends!

Magic and weddings go hand in hand, and your special day is bound to be enhanced with Rob providing the guests with memorable magic moments throughout the day.

He will work with you in the planning to offer suggestions for how the magic can be integrated into your vision for the wedding.

During the early moments, as people arrive, the ice will be broken as he performs close up magic for groups of guests.

There will also be opportunities to keep the guests entertained as they wait during the photo sessions. Then during the wedding breakfast, everyone will have the experience of magic at their individual tables between courses, including special magical effects for the top table and the honoured couple.

You may also choose the further option of a cabaret magic show following the feast. Rob will guide you through the possibilities and will provide a bespoke magic experience befitting the occasion.