Welcome to the World of The Big Foolini…

Rob Jayne is The Big Foolini, a magician and entertainer for all ages across Dorset and the South West of England. Prepare to be entertained and baffled in equal measure!

Based in Bridport, Dorset, Rob is currently providing interactive magic shows online, as well as his in-person events. Whether you’re looking for a close-up parlour show, interactive magic at a wedding, family entertainment or a complete stage show, The Big Foolini will be sure to entertain and mystify!

Rob is a member of The Magic Circle and the Wessex Magical Association.

“It was great the way you involved people, I was totally caught up in your tricks!  Though I must say I felt sorry for your magic assistant, Stan, being shot out of a cannon like that. That’s gratitude for you!”


Online Magic Shows

A magic show delivered into your living room, connecting you with your family and friends, wherever they may be in the world! Rob has been providing online shows throughout the lockdown year to delighted audiences.

Close-up Magic and Parlour Shows

For a family gathering or special event, contact Rob to discuss the kind of magic show you’d like. He’ll keep your guests amused and amazed as they relax and mingle, or entertain with a sit-down show.

Weddings and Parties

Give your special day an extra sprinkling of magic! Rob will keep the guests entertained with walk-around magic, table entertainment and special magical mementos for the top table party.

Stage Shows

As The Big Foolini, Rob’s larger than life magic show incorporates laughter, thrills and mysteries. Rob’s extensive theatrical background ensures he leaves no trick undone, no laugh unlaughed and no ghast unflabbered.

Online Magic Show

Throughout lockdown, Rob has been providing online shows to delighted audiences. This service is still available should you want to connect with family and friends anywhere in the world and enjoy something a bit different!

"I was mystified and your presentation was entirely engaging… the Big Foolini provided us with a thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable experience which I will enthusiastically recommend to all my friends!"

– Jill Shackleton

"It was brilliant, and lifted my spirits enormously. Thank you Rob, for a fantastically engaging show."

– Online party

The Big Foolini

1 month 3 weeks ago

The Big Foolini

2 months 2 weeks ago

Doing a show for, and helping a young lad along the road of his magical journey, was great fun, as Jack became 'The Little Foolini' for a while on Sunday!

The Big Foolini

2 months 2 weeks ago

It was a privilege and pleasure to help entertain the guests with some magic at the charity function at Wincanton Memorial Hall on Friday 8th to support the fundraising efforts to support Gary White -

The Big Foolini

2 months 2 weeks ago

I am excited and happy to announce that I have just been accepted as a member of The Magic Circle

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