Magician for Hire

Rob Jayne is The Big Foolini

“If he were to be sawn in half, the word ‘Magic’ would be found running through him, like a stick of rock.”

When Rob was a young lad he was a magician, performing for school concerts, village fetes and family events. His career path since those early experiences has been varied and unusual. After training as a psychiatric nurse, he became a professional full-time actor in New Zealand for eight years, before training as a film editor and being involved in the development of the New Zealand film industry throughout the 1980’s. His return to the UK and the NHS in the early 90’s saw him progress to a senior NHS managerial position and achieving a Doctorate in nursing, with a focus on aspects of forensic psychiatry, before retiring to the West Country. 

The Big Foolini

Over the last decade Rob has directed his energies back into the creative arts, with magic being at the forefront of his interests. He also directs, edits and produces films, including documentaries and dramas. During the Covid years he was fortunate enough to be able to combine these skills to provide interactive online shows that reached an international audience, either through bringing families together online across the world, or through providing corporate entertainments for companies.

Since then Rob has been providing magic entertainments at live gigs for village community groups, family celebrations, charity events and stage shows, as well as for residents, their relatives, and staff in health and social care settings. He is also proud to have been accepted through a demonstration of his ability and skills, as a member of The Magic Circle.

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