Picking A Card

Close Up Magic and Parlour Shows

If you are over watching things on your screen, but are not yet ready to go to see a show, then why not bring the magician into your home? 

If you have a family gathering or special event planned, contact Rob to discuss the kind of magic show you’d like. He’ll keep your guests amused and amazed either in small groups as they relax and mingle, or with a more formal show which everyone is invited to watch. There will be unexpected happenings and laughter in equal measure, as he keeps everyone mystified by some startling effects!

Laughs in the Garden

Weddings and Parties

Give your special day an extra sprinkling of magical entertainment to make it a really memorable occasion. Available for functions across Dorset and the South West, Rob will work with you in the planning stages to advise and to find the best fit for the event. He’ll keep the guests entertained at all the right times with walk around magic effects, little shows at each table between courses, and special magical mementos for the top table party.

Further magical interludes can be arranged, such as a short cabaret style show at the end of the feast, before the serious partying starts. Be assured that Rob will be diligent in ensuring your event has as much magic as you would wish.

Virtual Shows

Online Magic Shows

A magic show delivered into your living room, connecting you with family and friends, wherever they may be in the world!

Rob has been providing online shows throughout the lockdown year to delighted audiences. This is not just a passive experience, as you are fully engaged in the show, and some of the magic happens in your hands! You will be sent a bespoke gift pack in advance, to discover the magical secrets of the contents during the show.

The Big Foolini Onstage

Stage Show

Let The Big Foolini enter your life with a larger than life magic performance, incorporating laughter, thrills, surprises and many mysteries. Rob’s extensive theatrical background ensures that you will see, and even possibly take part in, a show that leaves no trick undone, no laugh unlaughed and no ghast unflabbered. Whether you need a series of short effects interspersed throughout a wider variety show, or a more formal full-length performance, he will attend to all the details that go towards your audience having the best show experience possible.

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