Online Magic Shows

“Rob Jayne, in the guise of The Big Foolini, is a magician who managed to scramble my brain with his tricks.”

A magic show delivered into your living room, connecting you with family and friends, wherever they may be in the world! Magic is one of the few arts that works particularly well via the virtual meetingplace. 

We are all hopeful that the peak of the Covid pandemic is thankfully behind us and we are all getting back to lives not lived primarily online. However, there are still times when gatherings and events are most easily done online. Families and friends are scattered across the globe these days, and some more potentially vulnerable folk remain cautious in how they interact with others. 

Because he is also a film maker, Rob has the technology to provide high quality magic shows online.  Throughout the lockdown years he was providing magic shows to delighted audiences, and continues to offer these experiences. These are not just a passive experience, as you are fully engaged in the show, and some of the magic happens in your hands! You will be sent a bespoke gift pack in advance, to discover the magical secrets of the contents during the show.

Contact Rob to find out just how magical your planned online gathering can be!